Wednesday 15 February 2012


One of the most enjoyable novels I've ever read.. I'm not exaggerating if I would say: I felt how Isabel Allende wanted to live with Zorro!! I truly believe that her admiration of a heroic person that didn't exist was the main inspiration of this novel.. She did perfect in detailing every single moment of the story..

Finished it in less than a week.. had to search for a bookshop that sells English books in Germany.. & found another book of hers.. guess it was a dragon something.. yes! Kingdom of the Golden Dragon -> couldn't read it.. not sure of the reason.. but I know for sure that I just hated it!!!

A side thing, the photograph... reminds me of the the fact that it was one of the rare moments to carry both my camera and a book while having a walk.. I rarely do that because both are considered to be top priority.. which will create a conflict in my mind.. in this occasion.. I took a photograph of the book.. to record that moment.. :p

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  1. Isabelle Allende~one of my fav. authors- such outstanding prose and a canning ability to capture day-to-day nuances in a very fascinating way...u'd be surprised that i have had this particular book for year, and still havent read it..guess im saving it for the years to come! i have kind of a rule, not to read more than one novel of hers in a year! that's how powerful she can be:) i dnt recall a dragon book, but there was a city of beasts that i totally hated! turns out it was written for teens/kids:) not into fantasy;) now, my recommendation would be if u want another experience w Allende pick up Ines of my Heart- u'll not be disappointed + i know u'll luv it! sharing her TED speech as u may not agree with everything, but its worth listening to:
    nice shot:)