Monday 13 February 2012

Etihad E-Box

I rarely watch movies.. and if it happened.. then that would be either while being with someone or while floating in the mid of the clouds!! Hmmm another reason might be counted here: running away from my writing duties :P

To me, Disney’s classics are irresistible.. Am I considered to be a child? I don’t care.. I believe in “Never Kill The Child Within” otherwise, I’ll spoil my creativity!! In fact, I always appreciate the massive efforts and the proficiency of the work.. the choices of voices, music, colors, sketches, backgrounds and every single facial expression of their characters is just PREFECT!!! I admire their work ^.^

Let me tell you about my watching habits during my last flights from and to London.. First, I looked at Etihad’s E-Box list.. Second, I favored several movies.. Third, ending-up watching two only.. & Fourth, repeating one of Disney’s songs the rest of the flight! P.S. for some reason.. my choices were a bit old..

First flight.. I’ve started with “You’ve Got Mail!” for one reason.. I wanted to hear this:

Followed by the “Sixteenth Warrior” cuz I LOVE TRAVEL LITERATURE --أدب الرحلة-- & the story of Ibn Fadhlan is one of a kind ^.^

Next.. was “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” I didn’t really watch it.. I was listening to “The Bells of Notre Dame” opening song (starting from 00:30 ^.^ )

Followed by “Out There” (starting from 01:40 ^.^)

I’ve got board after a while.. and ended-up reading a book while listening to “OutThere” as a background noise (click here to save it :P )

The return flight was a bit different.. cuz they were the inspiration of this post.. I watched two movies “A Beautiful Mind” & “50/50” –both are strongly recommended!! I’m not going to spoil the stories..

I just want you to concentrate on the importance of the best friend in “50/50” ; Lyle, the one at the background:

And the importance of the wife in the second.. In fact, I kept on thinking whether the title is reflecting the man’s mind or the woman’s mind.. & left the question unanswered.. cuz I loved it to be an “A” Beautiful Mind.. ^.^

Ops! I have to admit it.. I've burst into tears while watching both -.-;;;;

-هناك مشاهد تحتاج إلى غض البصر في جميع الأفلام المذكورة سابقا-

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