Friday 25 September 2009


At laaaaaaaast !!! I've got the confirmation letter from the University of Kingston which states that I AM A CONFIRMED PhD Student!! It requires you to be patient for sometime.. ^.^

Friday 18 September 2009

Dare to Dream Big Dreams (posted Aug 30, 08)

Never be afraid to dream big dreams. Be bold and allow your thinking to get way out there. Take a step outside of the norm, where most people fear to tread. I should caution you though, that this time of dreaming big is not yet the time to share with others. There are people who have a tendency to be dream stealers-thieves who shoot down and attack other people's goals, passions, and possibilities. You certainly don't need that kind of interference in the beginning.

When you are dreaming, allow your mind to take that leap into the realm of the impossible. Believe you are capable of anything your heart and mind can agree upon. Do not second-guess yourself. Have no doubt in your personal potential and remember that each and every one of us has a great wealth of potential that is often lying dormant and just waiting to be tapped.

Once you have done some dreaming, take time to clarify your dream, by writing or typing three or four paragraphs, so you can hold it out in front of you and see it in black and white. Read what you have written, and look at it from as many perspectives as possible. When you believe your dream is sound, and you are clear in your mind about what you really want and what it will take to get what you want, and you know you have a real passion for achieving this dream of yours, then go ahead and share your it with someone that you trust, respect and/or love. Give them a copy of your specific dream and enlist their cooperation in holding you accountable for the fulfillment of your big dream.

Of course, you could always opt not to dream big dreams. Or you could dream big dreams and just never act on them. After all, status quo is pretty easy, isn't it? No harm may be done at all if you fail to dream. But then again, you really never know what you, or the world might miss if you don't.
Adopted from: Robert Prentice

Sunday 6 September 2009

Sense of Privacy

I used to blog during my Master degree year, for my family and friends.. There was some sense of privacy which i always preferred, however, i thought of coping and pasting some of the important posts from time to time.. perhaps it is more to share the experience and get the most out of it.. I'll labels such posts as MA.DayZ..


That was my goal during my MA.Dissertation's writing phase.. and became my strategic mission!!

Within three years.. my ideas would get published and discussed at a very high academic level..

Ah! guess it was a bit tuff to write such a line.. for the amount of responsibilities might be unbearable at some stage!!

Saturday 5 September 2009

London's Underground

I wonder if I have chosen to get a PhD on Intercultural Broadcasting or the topic kept following me! Chicken or egg?! no no! it is not the case here..

There was a moment when i've decided to give-up every single thing! I just wanted to finish my MA dissertation.. and that's it!! But thanks for the faculty of WestminsterUni.. especially, Prof. Daya Thussu and Dr. Winston Mano.. yes, i wanted to do it.. but i was kind of lost.. i wasn't sure which topic to focus on.. in fact.. the idea of spending three years working on the same subject was kind of boring!!! That wasn't me at alllllll!! I kept reminding myself of why i'm doing my Master degree.. and why applying for a PhD would be a great step toward reaching my long-term goals.. I've convinced myself.. DONE!!

And so, my second step began.. I've done huge amount of reading to get back to the Intercultural thesis.. I covered lots of areas and looked through unrelated study fields.. from Archeological sites of UAE Islands to the Cultural Policies of the EU.. and back to the Representations of People with Special Needs as a Minority in the Media to the Visual Culture of the UAE.. I've been jumping in and out London's undergrounds in search of the right topic for my thesis.. Harrow-on-the-Hill, NorthwickPark, King'sCross, and RussellSquare have witnessed every step of mine!! I remember doing that in less than two months.. besides my MA dissertation's deadline, I had to meet the submission date of the PhD application at several universities.. it wasn't a nightmare though.. not at all.. what made my passion on top of its peak was that it was more like enjoying and living the RIGHT dream!!

I can hear Prof. Thussu's voice now.. i remember the moment when he exclaimed at me for i spelled out my wish to have "double" degree instead of one PhD.. one in international media.. and another in visual culture!! guess i still have the same wish.. learning is a life long thingy, isn't it?!

Why am i spending time recalling such thoughts and memories.. cuz the more i remind myself of how did it all started.. the more i stayed well firm on my own-track!!