Sunday 30 January 2011


Couldn't claim my first name, first 4 initials, nor last name when creating my Twitter account.. almost all names are taken.. got several "available" nicknames.. but no.. I wish to present my real self.. so decided to add the Dr..

Guess it took me lo0o0ong time to take the action of creating my twitter account.. I might have plenty of reasons and excuses.. but you know wut.. the fact is that i'm virtually LAZY!

Now, about myself.. Proud to be a Muslim, an Arab, and an Emirati mn Mlai7 w ta7deidan mn elB6een!

Other stuff.. a lifelong-learner, a parrot-trainer, a basketballer, an observer, a photographer -I will always remain a freelance photographer; that is for sure!- w aham shay BntNuwa5dha with a traveler-soul! may i add.... I might be a good Twitter ^.^

P.S. I'm not a PhD holder, yet!