Sunday 29 May 2011

ZU Darkroom - Lomography shots

Had the chance to pass by Zayed University photography darkroom and took lomography shots there:


Adobe picked the right word to name their photo management software "Adobe Lightroom" cuz Photography is all about writing with light, after all!

Lightroom? I've never used it.. I've been using Aperture since Apple launched it.. however, if i'm to be honest.. I'm missing the darkroom days.. I love getting lost in the depth of that darkness.. It is true that people cannot see anything.. but i was able to sense the darkness.. the silence.. the smell of the chemicals.. and the voices of the photographs the moment they are unveiled by the chemicals..

My thesis took the majority of my time.. but i can't just claim that it was the reason for leaving my photography gear aside.. well.. my leica.. my 5D.. my lomography cameras are all resting at my "PhD desk!" i know i can't live without photography.. Everyone might be using their mobile phone-devices as camera.. but no body can every understand the feeling of joy when using an analog photograph.. and the process of developing a film..

Sami Yusuf's video was a truly inspirational one for all photographers!

Thursday 5 May 2011

Motivating Thy Self!

Got inspired by @ "my wish list" post.

So, decided to remind myself of "MY REWARDS' LIST!" to motivate myself in finishing my PhD -- perhaps you also have something to be achieved; let's list our rewards to be ;D

After i finish my PhD thesis I will reward myself with:

1. A walking tour in China

2. Resume my riding lessons with @

3. Start my diving lessons with @ --- finally i found a respectable lady to teach me ^.^

4. Starting my dream Stop-Motion Projects


6. Relaxing at '6ab3eya's beach & Fishing when it is time t FISH! hehehe

7. aham shay: spending more time with my friends eating iceCream: MissiN u aaaaaaaaaall!!

8. Concentrating in supporting and establishing @ZU_Alumni Association

9. Mother: I wish to finish my PhD to take you to London again to witness my Doctorate graduation ceremony.. i want you to be proud of me forever! Love u mum!

10. Going to Hajj with 5aloh Amna :* ----- pass it to her @KiddyApplause

Now, how would u "Motivate Thy Self?"