Sunday 13 February 2011

ReCycle.Ur.Ideas.. based on the Islamic concept of Waqf!

Human minds are created as the main source of ideas.. a mind's process goes on in logical, critical, creative ... endless ways, either to develop his surroundings, satisfy his needs, solve his problems, reach his happiness, achieve his dreams or to enrich his creativity!

BUT! The only obstacle that might stop him from reaching his dreams.. and there is no way to keep it a way.. is his short lifespan! Don't panic.. it is a fact that any human should adopt to it.. and re-plan everything accordingly..

Now.. What is it that you wish to remain of you after leaving this Earth?! have you ever thought of the person who created the concept of using letters, shapes or marks to write down his thoughts?! the person who invited the pen?! the person who provided the humanity with papers?! the person(s) who managed to capture the waves or the electricity?! all of them are still influencing the humanity.. and helping in establishing this blog too!! I used pens and A4 papers to note down my thoughts.. I work online at night.. so i needed both the light.. and the wireless to reach you all.. they all are helping the whole globe to communicate.. how old are they?! hmm are they still around us?! aren't that amazing?!

"Recycle.Ur.Ideas" is providing a way of expanding your presence in this life.. in a very simple way.. but first you'll have to understand the meaning of Waqf!

***I'm assuming that you are now spending some time googling the meaning of Waqf***

The philosophy of the Blog in using the concept of Waqf is not to donate money or items.. instead, to expand your influence for the humanity by recycling your ideas!

To participate on such a project.. you have to decided on your own priorities.. in other words.. which of your ideas should be achieved first by you and only you.. After that.. which of your huge amount of ideas are in your least priorities or you won't be able to achieve (for whatever reason)s but still you wish to see the humanity benefiting from.. some where out there?!

Friday 11 February 2011

Paris... Politics in the Air

Last year, I've been hired by Zayed University to teach Photojournalism.. The most interesting experience was going as a chaperon with students to Paris..

I didn't have the chance to share my photography with students nor with the world.. so decided to unveil my thoughts through my photography.. I write with light after all!

Today's pix are devoted to support Tahrir people in Egypt..

Rise Up and Never Accept Living in the Shade!

Egypt.. Resist the Picture and Focus on Reality..

Graffiti of Europeans & Jokes of Arabs are Two Sides of One Coin.. The Public Opinion!

Wednesday 9 February 2011

indescribable feeling

I entered my office this afternoon.. sensed a change.. my 5D is on the table.. it drew me a smile.. i felt at that instant how much i missed my camera.. for the first time i went to London without my Canon gear.. instead i carried two of my Leicas..

uh!!! i can't tell you how much i'm hating my PhD thesis cuz it is keeping me away from the stuff i luv.. so.. decided to devote this time to upload some of my photographs taken by Leica M8 and the 28-35-50mm Tri Elmar M lens.. will i'll have to apologize to my canon and take it for a photographic tour this weekend ^.^

London as a Slice of a Snowy Cake!

Pret.. is never the right place for me.. nor for Christmas!

Waitin for the end of the Cold

P.S. took the above photographs before the official day of Winter (Dec 21) oh! and i was holding my first Lomography camera! ;D

Sunday 6 February 2011


رسالة إلى فلان بن فلان... بخصوص الموضوع (*) خلك بعيد..
ووصلت مسج ثانية... إلى فلان الفلاني.. بخصوص عيد الحب.. ناوي (***) ء

This morning.. while watching the news w hearing the public's slogans.. I remembered something.. During the first stages of brainstorming a topic for my MA's dissertation.. I scanned some of the MA's Dissertation and the PhD's Thesis available at University of Westminster's library.. One of the most interesting dissertation was written by an Egyptian student.. who was researching the Egyptian's Public Opinion.. His research method was to go [Allah ykrmkm] in every toilet and search in every alley for written Jokes and Slogans.. He managed to proof -scientifically- how the public are refusing the government's actions.. and that the fear of freedom held them... I thought it was a very funny findings.. but today.. after observing the public's slogans against Mubarak.. I see the worthiness of that MA Dissertation.. Never underestimate the power of research.. cuz that what will give you a clear prediction of the future.. w Allah knows best..

Wednesday 2 February 2011

ارحل.. ارحل.. leave.. leave

For several days now, I’ve been glued in front of the TV screen as the majority of Arabs.. But last night.. I couldn’t sleep after hearing the crowds shouts: “Er7al, Er7al!” [Leave, Leave!] I kept on thinking how fast everything is happening.. The flue of information is not fast.. Nor it is veeeery very fast.. IT IS INSTANT!

Guess if we are to mediate what is going on in Egypt, we will reach the conclusion that such a revolutionary-protest is not the result of “tweeting” the call of gathering nor it is “uploading” photos on facebook.. It is for sure following the circumstances of the people’s lifestyle.. Personally, I think if a Western youth decided to organise such protest against something in a Democratic country, the effect will never ever be the same.. Cuz when the unfairness fill the air, there would be no wonder that the people would explode!

الحمد لله على نعمة الأمن والاستقرار