Sunday 6 February 2011


رسالة إلى فلان بن فلان... بخصوص الموضوع (*) خلك بعيد..
ووصلت مسج ثانية... إلى فلان الفلاني.. بخصوص عيد الحب.. ناوي (***) ء

This morning.. while watching the news w hearing the public's slogans.. I remembered something.. During the first stages of brainstorming a topic for my MA's dissertation.. I scanned some of the MA's Dissertation and the PhD's Thesis available at University of Westminster's library.. One of the most interesting dissertation was written by an Egyptian student.. who was researching the Egyptian's Public Opinion.. His research method was to go [Allah ykrmkm] in every toilet and search in every alley for written Jokes and Slogans.. He managed to proof -scientifically- how the public are refusing the government's actions.. and that the fear of freedom held them... I thought it was a very funny findings.. but today.. after observing the public's slogans against Mubarak.. I see the worthiness of that MA Dissertation.. Never underestimate the power of research.. cuz that what will give you a clear prediction of the future.. w Allah knows best..

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