Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Joy of Polaroid Photos

This Eid*... I didn't give Eideyya** to our children.. instead.. i took instant photographs of them using the only available Polaroid camera i managed to find in Abu Dhabi (FujiFilm-Instax 210)

Several photographs were good but some kids were offfffff the frame.. for a very simple reason.. the camera is a rangefinder one!! It wasn't of importance to get wow photographs as much as to spread Eid's joy ^.^
Why am i sharing this?! a simple finding of that day ----- the reaction of the kids Vs the grandmother.......

The Kids: very happy & curious to "see" that magical instant photographs!

The Grandmother: was forced to join a group photograph.. then complained: "don't you have a better camera?!!!!" -.-;;;;

Dear readers of my blog,

Each of you can interpret the above reactions his/her way, yet, when I gave it a thought..... I started to question myself.... are this children -the iPad's generation- going to miss that value of "discovery" ? what sort of knowledge should we pass them?!
Personally, I don't have a clear answer.. but i do believe in one thing:

Our responsibility is to pass them principles of morals and manners because "Our time is not theirs, and our men are not theirs."

*Eid: is the Festival to announce the end of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan.
**Eiddeyya: a sum of money given to children to celebrate the Eid.


  1. Instant photographs are instant memories! I'm sure all the kids enjoyed looking at their pictures after they were out.

    Thanks for sharing.