Wednesday 21 September 2011

عقل استثنائي.. بنظرة اسثنائية

هذه بعض الصور التي أعجبتني من تصوير "عقل استثنائي" .. طرحت سؤالا عبر تويتر.. تستفسر فيه عن رأي المتابعين في تصويرها.. كنت سأرد بتغريدة في تويتر.. ولكنني شعرت أنني لن أعطي الصور حقها.. بالإضافة إلى أنني اخترت مجموعة أكبر.. تتضمن ١١ صورة.. فقررت التركيز على ٥ فقط.. وأوجه الخطاب مباشرة للمصورة..

. . . Across Eternity . . .
This is my favorite because the geometrical look is just perfect to me! In fact, I ranked it 1 because i believed it is a reflection.. and not edited.. --i hope i'm right here!

. . . New Life . . .
I loved the chosen depth of field, angle, colors, and most importantly, the message is direct and contains "a life-value: HOPE!"! Very strong and well balanced..

. . Just feel it . .
I felt it!
In fact, I think the majority of your wide-shots are very strong-.. but seems you prefer close-up & macro photography..
Yet, I thought you can change the level and contrast a bit.

Nagtee ya Nagtee
^.^ ordinary people take profile shots of camels.. exceptional minds dare to face it ^.^
the most important element in this photograph.. is the contrast between the whole face and the one thin Mustache "going-down!"

C l a s s i c C a r
I went with this as the fifth because of the mysterious element it contains..

You've got several wow photographs.. yet.. needed to be balanced and your signature is filling the space in a way to fill that "missing" balance..
The best example is . . . Every Leaf Speaks . . . it is not centered nor it is covering one of the golden points.. the signature did the work.. a non-visual person won't notice the mistake..
The . . Lka 3dt . . photograph.. contains two different photos.. I'm always biased when it comes to photographs of the wooden-man cuz i LOVE him!
BTW, i always believed that a two-black-sided edges of the frame is the best choice to display photographs.. i just hate framing photographs!!

Keep it up @ ^.^

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