Wednesday 6 April 2011

Quotes from "Rango" - loved it!

Felt as if i was in a "Political Philosophy" class full of comedy lol

"Acting is reacting! ... We all have our ways to walk!"

"*So, who are you??* I'm... I'm a lizard I have my name...... & my Avatar you see!"

"I'd like a glass of water... *laughs!!!*
*a stranger, who are you?* Who am i?! I... I could be anyone!"

"Is this the only water remaining in the town? I've seen it.... SOMEONE is splitting out the water in the DESERT!!!!!"

"People need something to believe in & you are that something!" --ignore the subtitle--


"Control the water & you own everything..."

& this was my best part :
promoting long exposure PHOTOGRAPHY! lol!

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