Thursday 5 May 2011

Motivating Thy Self!

Got inspired by @ "my wish list" post.

So, decided to remind myself of "MY REWARDS' LIST!" to motivate myself in finishing my PhD -- perhaps you also have something to be achieved; let's list our rewards to be ;D

After i finish my PhD thesis I will reward myself with:

1. A walking tour in China

2. Resume my riding lessons with @

3. Start my diving lessons with @ --- finally i found a respectable lady to teach me ^.^

4. Starting my dream Stop-Motion Projects


6. Relaxing at '6ab3eya's beach & Fishing when it is time t FISH! hehehe

7. aham shay: spending more time with my friends eating iceCream: MissiN u aaaaaaaaaall!!

8. Concentrating in supporting and establishing @ZU_Alumni Association

9. Mother: I wish to finish my PhD to take you to London again to witness my Doctorate graduation ceremony.. i want you to be proud of me forever! Love u mum!

10. Going to Hajj with 5aloh Amna :* ----- pass it to her @KiddyApplause

Now, how would u "Motivate Thy Self?"

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