Friday 6 April 2012

البوسنة نحن نصلك بالدعاء

هذه تدوينة نشرتها سابقا.. في بداية أيام تحضيري لرسالة الدكتوراه..


One of the most influential photographs i've ever seen

Photographed by Wolfgang Bellwinkel. I met the photographer during my internship in Germany. He wanted to show me some of his "published" work.. and so i flipped through his book.. this photograph captured my mind.. "this man must be a Muslim!" i said to myself.. i was so sure of it.. for the photograph contains lots of emotions.. I asked him.. where did you take it?! "oh! this one.. i took it as part of a project on the aftermath of the war on Bosnia! 1995-1996.." "a Muslim?" i asked... "yes..."

I can't remember what happened next.. but my Hamburg journal shows that i've been touched so much by the photograph.. in fact.. by the whole series of the project..

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