Wednesday 9 February 2011

indescribable feeling

I entered my office this afternoon.. sensed a change.. my 5D is on the table.. it drew me a smile.. i felt at that instant how much i missed my camera.. for the first time i went to London without my Canon gear.. instead i carried two of my Leicas..

uh!!! i can't tell you how much i'm hating my PhD thesis cuz it is keeping me away from the stuff i luv.. so.. decided to devote this time to upload some of my photographs taken by Leica M8 and the 28-35-50mm Tri Elmar M lens.. will i'll have to apologize to my canon and take it for a photographic tour this weekend ^.^

London as a Slice of a Snowy Cake!

Pret.. is never the right place for me.. nor for Christmas!

Waitin for the end of the Cold

P.S. took the above photographs before the official day of Winter (Dec 21) oh! and i was holding my first Lomography camera! ;D

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  1. Great black and white photographs. Loved the footstep traces on the snow?