Saturday 5 September 2009

London's Underground

I wonder if I have chosen to get a PhD on Intercultural Broadcasting or the topic kept following me! Chicken or egg?! no no! it is not the case here..

There was a moment when i've decided to give-up every single thing! I just wanted to finish my MA dissertation.. and that's it!! But thanks for the faculty of WestminsterUni.. especially, Prof. Daya Thussu and Dr. Winston Mano.. yes, i wanted to do it.. but i was kind of lost.. i wasn't sure which topic to focus on.. in fact.. the idea of spending three years working on the same subject was kind of boring!!! That wasn't me at alllllll!! I kept reminding myself of why i'm doing my Master degree.. and why applying for a PhD would be a great step toward reaching my long-term goals.. I've convinced myself.. DONE!!

And so, my second step began.. I've done huge amount of reading to get back to the Intercultural thesis.. I covered lots of areas and looked through unrelated study fields.. from Archeological sites of UAE Islands to the Cultural Policies of the EU.. and back to the Representations of People with Special Needs as a Minority in the Media to the Visual Culture of the UAE.. I've been jumping in and out London's undergrounds in search of the right topic for my thesis.. Harrow-on-the-Hill, NorthwickPark, King'sCross, and RussellSquare have witnessed every step of mine!! I remember doing that in less than two months.. besides my MA dissertation's deadline, I had to meet the submission date of the PhD application at several universities.. it wasn't a nightmare though.. not at all.. what made my passion on top of its peak was that it was more like enjoying and living the RIGHT dream!!

I can hear Prof. Thussu's voice now.. i remember the moment when he exclaimed at me for i spelled out my wish to have "double" degree instead of one PhD.. one in international media.. and another in visual culture!! guess i still have the same wish.. learning is a life long thingy, isn't it?!

Why am i spending time recalling such thoughts and memories.. cuz the more i remind myself of how did it all started.. the more i stayed well firm on my own-track!!

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